Mike – male Dwarf
Tanya – female Elf
Mary – male Cleric
Marni – female Halfling

Quick note on the players: They range in age from 36 to 41, and none had ever played D&D. Mike and Tanya are a married couple, Marni is my wife, and Mary is a mutual friend of us all.

The adventurers found themselves in the town of Silverton to take possession of an abandoned silver mine. Each had an “official” deed granting them ownership, and they each had their own personal reasons for wanting to re-open the mine. An agent was to meet them in the local tavern.Silverton Mine

When the agent never showed, they gathered and compared notes…and realized it was all a set up, as each held a “valid” claim to the mine. And none of them had ever met the long-lost relative who bequeathed them the mine.

After an investigation, the party learned of recent kobold attacks in the area surrounding the mine. They decided to clean out the mine and determine what to do with it after that.

The mine was indeed home to a band of kobolds preying on local travelers. After killing a few and interrogating a captive, the party pieced together that a tall dark woman known as the “Frost Witch” commands these kobolds from her “lair” on the second level. She is protected by her bodyguards, a troll and a dwarf.

After clearing out the first level of the mine, the party encounters an insane kobold sage repeatedly taking inventory of mundane loot such as iron spikes. He is very talkative but equally difficult to understand, as his speech is interspersed with strings of sequential numbers and curses for the lesser kobolds who are pathetic record-keepers. The party patiently extracts from him the fact that they are being set up by the Frost Witch, a drow priestess. She lures hapless fools to the mine with fake deeds (that he writes for her), where then her kobold minions take them hostage. She gives all loot to her minions and sacrifices the victims’ hearts to her “sister-goddess” the White Witch. [The party is aware of the cosmology that holds the White Witch to be the Queen of White Dragons and sister to Tiamat.]

Braving the second level, the adventurers descend into a large cavern with a smaller cavern extending off of it on the far side. The Frost Witch’s bodyguards, an Ice Trollkin and a Frost Dwarf warrior, moved to intercept the party. The Dwarf kept the bodyguards busy, eventually killing them both, at dear cost to his own health. The Cleric kept busy healing the Dwarft and using her holy power to shatter skeletons the Frost Witch kept raising (her previous victims). The Halfling harried the Frost Witch by slinging stones and with an occasional dagger thrust. And the Elf was a whirling blade of death.

Until the Frost Witch shook off her Drow form and revealed her true self:
a young white dragon!Frost Witch white dragon form

The dragon roared, but all made their saves and stood bravely against her. She buffeted the party with her wings, sending the Halfing tumbling, but only for minor scrapes and bruises. The Cleric cast his last spell, blessing the party, and waded into the fray with shield held high and mace swinging. The Elf fired off a couple of magic missiles, drawing the dragon’s attention. The dragon breathed an icy spray, damaging and slowing most of the party.

Then, with one quick snap, the dragon had the near-dead Elf in her massive jaws. She flung back her head, readying to swallow her whole…when the Dwarf charged in and scored a critical hit. The dragon’s midsection split open, her entrails leaving her as she collapsed in death.

The party decided as a group, then and there, to turn over ownership of the mine to the townsfolk. The Silverton Mine is now a prosperous co-op venture, thanks to the generosity of the adventurers.