I’m Scot Drew, and this RPG blog is simply an outlet for my gaming-related ideas, remembrances, and writing projects.

But who am I, really?

  • A small-town boy from rural Ohio.
  • A former soldier/analyst (Army Intelligence).
  • A former editor in a government genetics lab.
  • A former software manual editor.
  • A former middle school English teacher.
  • A former closed caption editor.
  • A former e-commerce writer (CompUSA & OneCall).

But mostly, I’m a guy who has played Dungeons & Dragons for three decades.

Over the past two decades (since leaving the army), I’ve had a few dozen stories and poems (mostly horror and dark fantasy) published by several small presses. I also contributed to a pair of D20-based RPG supplements from Atlas Games: En Route and Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary. One of my creatures from the bestiary was even brought to metallic life by Lance & Laser Models: the Bortha.

Thanks for visiting. Oh…and that troll just hit you for 1o points of damage.