Mutant FutureI just ordered Goblinoid Games’ Mutant Future from today. (You can download the PDF free!)

I’m really looking forward to reading through it (great summer fare). And I might try to get my nephew interested in a short-term campaign.

Right now, I’m thinking of something like a post-apocalyptic retelling of Beowulf. But with a spidergoat and its huge angry mama.spidergoat

To help keep the action visceral and fun for a pre-teen, I also picked up some of WotC’s Star Wars minis from miniaturemarket. I stayed away from canonical characters and concentrated on oddball monster types and n0-name rebels and pilots and guards. These will make good PC and NPC figures.

Weequay Pirate


I picked up a ton of good minis, with about 95% of them being under one dollar, so I only ended up spending about 20 bucks.


awesome mutant beast