That’s yours truly with a beard on the left in all shots. The DMs are Dennis Sustare and Harly Stroh (in a ballcap).

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Mutant FutureI just ordered Goblinoid Games’ Mutant Future from today. (You can download the PDF free!)

I’m really looking forward to reading through it (great summer fare). And I might try to get my nephew interested in a short-term campaign.

Right now, I’m thinking of something like a post-apocalyptic retelling of Beowulf. But with a spidergoat and its huge angry mama.spidergoat

To help keep the action visceral and fun for a pre-teen, I also picked up some of WotC’s Star Wars minis from miniaturemarket. I stayed away from canonical characters and concentrated on oddball monster types and n0-name rebels and pilots and guards. These will make good PC and NPC figures.

Weequay Pirate


I picked up a ton of good minis, with about 95% of them being under one dollar, so I only ended up spending about 20 bucks.


awesome mutant beast

North Texas RPG ConSo, I’m going to this old-school D&D convention this weekend here in Irving, TX. My wife’s sick, so I can’t play tonight…but I’ll be able to join in a couple of games over the weekend. So, yeah, I’m geeking out like an old man!

Tonight’s game that I had to drop out of (6pm till midnight):
Ruins of Lindoran Short description : Centuries ago a civil war tore apart the Kingdom of the Elves. Before dying in battle the last King sealed artifacts of kingship in a Vault in the doomed capital city. The Elves are now in need of those artifacts, and have sent for hardy Adventurers to recover them…but who or what now lurks in the ruins of once-fair Lindoran? This adventure combines an above-ground section of the ruined city with a complex three-level dungeon featuring tricks and traps aplenty. This is a real thinking-Elf’s dungeon, not just hack-and-slash through it. This is an updated and expanded version of the 1981 JG module. Character levels are 4-7; some background and prep material will be provided prior to the game session. I still own the original 1981 Judge’s Guild version of this adventure module, so I was plenty stoked to revisist this one!

Friday night’s game (6pm till midnight):
Polar Expedition Short description : Your party was hired by a sage who was investigating conditions along the polar coastline. Although you were hired to serve as guards, there has not been much for you to do, and the sage’s research has now been concluded. You have been assured of your payment as guards. The ship is returning along the coast through a sea thick with chunks of ice. The Captain is quite concerned with the safety of the ship, and does not want to remain in these hazardous conditions any longer than possible. I’m looking forward to this one because of the hazards presented by the environment. Plus…there might be Yetis!

Saturday night’s game (6pm till midnight):
Keep of the Chaos Lord Short description: Your people have lived in the shadow of the ruined keep on the hill since time immemorial. But something has stirred the ancient mysteries, awakening aberrations that should never grace the sight of man. Now villages tremble in their homes fearing the night, and every new dawn reveals a new horror – victims of the keep’s ancient curse. Armed with only your wits, can you and your companions end this reign of terror, or will you become the latest victims of the Keep of the Chaos Lord? This is actually playtesting for a new old-school D&D retro-clone gaming system, so I HAD to get into this session!

I am a d8

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