click to view the app

click to view the app

If you haven’t discovered WotC’s Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Facebook app. It’s a lot like an electronic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel merged with a Play-by-Post game.

You select a pre-made character, choose a short scenario, and start clicking through to adventure. You have wait times of around 10 minutes between each encounter, and each scenario has roughly half a dozen encounters. (I’ve only played through 1st and 2nd level encounters thus far, so those numbers may change at higher levels of play.) Edit: I just played a 2nd level scenario with a total of 12 encounters.

I find myself keeping this running in the background while I’m working on other projects. I just alt-tab to my browser, click on the Tiny Adventures tab, and then select Update Result (assuming the timer has expired), and my adventure continues!

And you can check out the progress of your Facebook friends who are playing, too. I’m hoping this can work as a “gateway drug” to lure my wife into some tabletop D&D…