Foster Drew at Park Chess TableI’ve been away from this blog for awhile, busily raising an up-and-coming gamer. I haven’t played on either side of a DM screen for about 2 years. But that has recently come to an end, thanks to a very cool virtual tabletop.

I’m in the midst of not just one but TWO games, both of them being played online via EpicTable. I grew up with the developer of EpicTable (John), and we’ve gamed together on and off for about 25 years, so it’s nice to be gaming together again…even though I’m in Oregon and he’s in New Hampshire!EpicTable Quick Start Dialog Box

John’s running a Thursday night Pathfinder game, the Legacy of Fire adventure path. Plus, John is also running a Spirit of the Century game on Saturday nights, enticingly titled Temple of the Yeti.

In addition to both games being a total blast, we’re all able to help John fine-tune EpicTable’s usability, test new functionality and so forth. As a tech writer with some usability experience, this is both work and play for me!

Now that my son requires less constant attention, I’m finding a bit more time to devote to gaming, so I plan on adding more content here soon. I have ideas brewing for some one-shot scenarios optimized for virtual tabletops (mainly EpicTable, naturally).