Kinda reminds me of my old first edition DM, Jerry…

Mental Floss dug up some videos of a classic controversy that seems largely forgotten (or indeed never known about) by modern gamers. Good old Dungeons & Dragons used to be the child-corrupting poster child of its day, having been replaced in modern times by the Harry Potter series. Check out the videos below to relive the terror!

For a bit of context:
I turned 15 in 1985, I had already been playing D&D for several years, and I was a heavy metal fan. I’m 40 now, I still play D&D, and I continue to enjoy heavy metal.

And I have yet to commit suicide.

Okay, I’m all for bashing LARPers (they scare me with their seeming disregard for social norms), but that chubby wizard is just plain cheating. By my count, he cries out, “Lightning bolt” eight times while hurling something (wadded up lightning?) at the giant. By my rough estimation, that would make him a level 32 magic-user!

(Or have I just been vastly underestimating the magical potential of all LARPers?)